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MedCare One

for . . . Women

Ladies are always welcome at Medcare One!

Women are welcome at Medcare One!  We welcome women as patients, as well as ladies who are available to support their husbands and partners in emotionally challenging situations. 

In the supportive capacity, an understanding feminine touch can be a very important part of recovery and sometimes, just what her partner needs to get beyond a troubling sexual medical problem.  Supportive partners are encouraged at Medcare Men's Clinic and may accompany our male patients to see our doctors, certainly if the patient desires this type of support.

On the other hand, our board certified urologists have many years experience treating common female urological issues.  Our providers are members of the medical organizations such as the Sexual Medicine Society of North America, focusing on both female and male sexual disorders. 


Our Board certified health professionals have more than 25 years of direct patient care experience with mature men .. and women.  We offer main-stream medically proven evaluation and treatment options for both sexes.  Call us at (985) 400-2881 for your appoinment today!