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At MedCare Men's Clinic, privacy is foremost.  You may use our private one-man-only reception area.  At your request, arrangements may be made so that you may arrive and depart our clinic privately, without any intermingling with anyone but our physicians and staff. 


To keep things private, we have no sign in or on our offices to suggest the clinic to be of a sexual nature.  In fact, the name "Men's Clinic" is not even on our door!  Our sign simply reads "MedCare One" along with associated physician names. 


Of course, our doctors also see lots of patients who have non-sexual medical problems.  So, there's never a reason for anyone to presume to guess why any particular patient may have chosen to see one of our doctors. 


Examination and counseling rooms have built-in ambient sound protections, so that even the spoken word remains private.  No recordings are allowed.  Records are kept on paper or in a wholly private self-contained electronic medical record.  The medical record is completely in-house and in 2018 we received the highest possible "100%" HIPAA compliance and safety rating by a major regional Medicare Advantage program.

As you may know, many other medical practices use electronic medical records that are "cloud-based".  Those types of medical records may actually reside on a computer outside of the doctor's office.  Further, critical portions of these records may be electronically passed around the internet to hospitals, other medical practices, insurance providers and governmental institutions.  Of course, all such electronic medical records are required to follow privacy law; but doesn't it seem logical that the more medical records are passed around the internet, the greater the chance of there being a breach of privacy?  Can these other cloud-based medical record systems be trusted with our most private records?

Here at the Men's Clinic, records are indeed private and are used by your Men's Clinic providers only.   Records reside within our private in-house encrypted computer system.  The system is backed up to an in-house server and a local area off-site encrypted private server (to protect records in the unlikely event of an in-house computer failure). 


Our genuinely private method of medical record keeping is uncommon in this fast-paced world of large corporate medical systems and government run healthcare.  Yet we believe that the privacy of this most personal healthcare information is sacred. 


Here at MedCare Men's Clinic, your physician visit, your medical evaluation and your private records are just that .. PRIVATE.  Click here to request an appointment via email (no private information required).  Alternatively, why not just give us a call at (985) 400-2881.  We look forward to helping you soon!

 -  PRIVACY!  -