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In some ways, we're a little old fashioned, maintaining that patients are best served by taking the time to listen and understand their needs, desires and goals.  We still believe that the best way to accomplish this is through attentive direct face-to-face doctor-patient consultation.  While keeping up-to-date with the online world of medicine, we obviously utilize the latest in digital communications.  After getting to know our patients through personal visits, we may even offer options for patients to call, text or even teleconference with our doctors.  However, at the MedCare Men's Clinic we do not allow technology to come between our patients and their doctors.  If this makes sense to you, give us a call in our Mandeville office at (985) 400-2881 to schedule an appointment with one of our board certified urology men's health specialists.

If you've visited another doctor's office lately, it's quite possible that you've seen computers at work in the examining room.  Doctors "talk" to patients, while typing on a computer keyboard or speaking into a computer microphone.  This can be a real intrusion on a patient's personal time with the doctor, leaving some feeling that the physician's attention is centered more on the computer, as opposed to the patient. 


This will never be the case at the Men's Clinic.  Our doctors do not sit in front of patients with eyes directed downward, typing on a computer keyboard, as if there were no patient even in the room.  In fact, we allow no computers in our exam rooms whatsoever.  There is no computer interference, no video recording, no audio recording and nothing to interrupt the patient and the doctor.


In short, our doctors pay attention to our patients and their needs .. nothing more and nothing less.  Time with the doctor is valuable and should be spent with the full attention of everyone to the medical business at hand.

As briefly mentioned above, we understand that busy patients value convenience and time efficiency.  Some patients prefer a concierge type of care, thereby  gaining improved physician access by means other than appointment based face-to-face office visits.  We welcome these patients at the Men's Clinic.  We've thus developed subscription based membership plans to help meet the needs of our patients so inclined.   These plans may incorporate physician-patient text messaging, telemedicine and even the old-fashioned (but still very effective) telephone service.  Obviously, it's best to see the physician in person, at least for one or two in-person office visits, in order to allow the doctor to fully evaluate and understand your unique medical situation and circumstances.  Otherwise, ask us all about wider access membership plan benefits which may be available to you.


Click here to request an appointment via email (no private information required).  Alternatively, just give us a call at (985) 400-2881.  We look forward to helping you soon!