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Men fortunate enough to be a part of such a relationship deeply appreciate the love and attention of a caring partner.  However, men commonly won't even ask directions, much less seek out medical care for a physical or emotional problem which they may not acknowledge themselves. 

Many patients at the MedCare Men's Clinic come to medical attention through the caring encouragement of wives and committed partners.  Commonly, we are the first contact that men have with doctors and the medical system as a whole.  Men are often busy working and providing for others .. sometimes completely ignoring themselves.  Some men tend to "wait til the last minute" to seek care, only to discover too late that a serious medical problem could have been addressed, if he had seen a specialty doctor sooner.  Do you know someone like this?


The physicians at the Men's Clinic are very aware of links between male sexual issues and a list potentially serious medical conditions.  These hidden conditions are often unknown and unsuspected by men, with sexual problems sometimes being the first early sign of a future problem. Some of these associated conditions, like heart and vascular disease, can profoundly impact longevity and quality of life.  Other associated medical problems include prostatitis (prostate infection), urinating symptoms, prostate enlargement, heart disease, stroke, obesity, metabolic syndrome, low testosterone (low-T or hypogonadism), hypothyroidism, diabetes (or pre-diabetis), high cholesterol (hyperlipidemia or hypercholesterolemia), high blood pressure (hypertension) and others.  Appreciating the serious but silent nature of these commonly hidden medical problems, physicians at the Men's Clinic patiently work with patients to see that they are very thoroughly evaluated and referred for additional specialty evaluation, if needed.  At our Men's Clinic we specialize in attending to the needs of the man as a whole.  It's not just about sex! 


Our goal is to fix the sexual issue and address the health screening needs of men at risk.  This commonly includes evaluation of blood pressure, cholesterol, vitamin deficiency, heart disease and common cancers.  This includes discussion and optional screening for the most common cancer of all, prostate cancer.  We evaluate patients and promote compliance with standard screening measures, as recommended by the American Cancer Society (ACS), the American Urological Association (AUA) and other medical professional organizations.


Our board certified health professionals have more than 50 combined years of direct patient care experience with both men and women.  Yes, we do see women as well!  We offer main stream medically proven evaluation and treatment options for both sexes.   Click here to request an appointment by email for the man in your life.  Even better, just give us a call at (985) 400-2881.