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Ladies are always welcome at Medcare One!

Ladies are welcome at MedCare One!  We welcome women as supporters of their partners, as well as women as patients themselves!

An understanding feminine touch is an important part of recovery for many men, especially when a problem has begun to affect his sexual relationship.  Misunderstanding about the very real medical causes of male sexual dysfunction, self-blame and even anger on the part of either partner may aggravate a male sexual issue.  A partner's emotional support and understanding is of tremendous benefit in these situations and is often just what a man needs to help him get beyond an embarrassing physical sexual problem. 


Supportive partners are encouraged at MedCare Men's Clinic and are welcome to accompany patients to see the doctor.  We find it best for patients to meet one-on-one with the doctor, at least for the first visit.  Thereafter, we encourage our patients to ask partners to accompany them for at least one visit, as long as all parties agree to this type of personal support.

As mentioned, women are also very welcome here as patients!  We offer main stream medically proven evaluation and treatment for both sexes and we evaluate and treat female patients on a daily basis.  Our providers are members of professional medical organizations that include the Sexual Medicine Society of North America, focusing on both male and female sexual disorders.  Our board certified medical professionals have more than 25 years of direct urological healthcare experience with both men and women. 


Remember, our focus is not just about sex.  It's about total body health and wellness.  Call us at (985) 400-2881 for your appointment today!  Or click here to request an appointment by email (no personal information necessary).

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