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The First Choice in men's health features a membership plan for VIPs .. like you!  Standard health insurance and discounted direct-pay options are welcome, but some patients prefer even higher-value subscription-based concierge membership services.  Concierge men's health and wellness care plans offer the same state-of-the-art healthcare that all of our patients receive with the added benefits of enhanced physician access and convenience, together with discounted price-bundled products and services.  Concierge services may be used with or without health insurance.  However, by definition insurance coverage does not include these specialty concierge services.  A partial list of MedCare Men's Clinic concierge membership benefits include:

complete preventative care annual physical examinations (including examination screening for prostate cancer)*

extended after-work and evening office hours for physician visits

extended after-work and evening office hours for injectable medications and nurse visits

after-hours physician access (e.g. via telephone, text messaging, email)

private clinic access with one-man-only private clinic reception area

free injectable office medications (e.g. testosterone, tri-mix, bi-mix, alprostadil)*

no-wait / min-wait nurse / tech office visits for injections

no-wait / min-wait physician office visits

call-in or e-scribe prescription refills without need for office visits

discounted nutrition therapy products and services (e.g. PrescriptFit)

deeply discounted men's health and sexual medications (e.g. sildenafil, tadalafil, testosterone)* discounted medical

free annual screening lab testing (PSA, CBC, CMP, testosterone, hemoglobin A1c, lipid / cholesterol profile, TSH, urinalysis)*

free in-office lab draw for annual lab tests included in concierge membership programs

deeply discounted follow-up lab testing *

house-calls, home visits *

house-calls for blood draw *

free referrals for sub-specialty care (free referral letters, free referral appointment arrangements)

free insurance authorization forms completion

cost benefits .. bundled prepaid subscription membership product and services

* Limited to patients located within the state of Louisiana at the time healthcare service is provided.  Prescriber DEA certification is required for some medications.  Medications may be compounded or commercially prepared.  No medication or medical service will be prescribed or administered unless medically and ethically indicated.  Doctor-patient review and communication of all test results is medically and ethically required.  Face-to-face physician evaluation may be necessary or desirable in some circumstances.

Members benefit from access to services outside of regular business hours.  One popular benefit is our "First-class Friday" evening private clinic.  For several hours on Friday evening we extend our service hours so that working men have an opportunity to see the doctor, without missing work.  Patients use these extended hours for testosterone injections, lab check-ups, medication refills, or just to see the doctor for a check-up.  These services are reserved for concierge members.

Other benefits include the deepest discounts on medications such as sildenafil (for which Viagra is a commonly used proprietary brand name), tadalafil (for which Cialis is a proprietary name), testosterone and many others.  As many men know, Cialis (tadalafil) in a dosage of 2.5 or 5 mg daily is commonly used in the treatment of both erectile dysfunction and urinating symptoms.  In 2018 the advertised price for Cialis (tadalafil) with a national pharmacy is $440 for thirty 5 mg tablets.  At nearly $15 per pill, this price certainly is high.  But other advertised Cialis prices can be more than twice this amount!   


MedCare Men's Clinic subscription members may purchase thirty compounded generic tadalafil 5 mg rapid dissolving tablets (RDT) for $109.  At about $3.50 per 5 mg RDT (tablet), this is quite a savings.  This example is representative of typical savings on medications at the Men's Clinic.  There's no "bait and switch" here.  Membership savings with sildenafil (generic for Viagra) are even more pronounced. 


Just to be clear about medical terms, "RDT" means that this compounded tadalafil dissolves orally, as opposed to Cialis (branded tadalafil), which is swallowed whole.  "Compounded" in this case, means that this tadalafil is made in a local Louisiana pharmacy, rather than in an out-of-state commercial pharmacy. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) defines compounding as, ".. a practice in which a licensed pharmacist .. combines, mixes, or alters ingredients of a drug to create a medication tailored to the needs of an individual patient."  Compounded medications are not required to be approved by the FDA, but the FDA does have new stringent Drug Quality and Security Act (DQSA) requirements for the pharmacological compounding process.  These requirements are process specific, not drug specific.  Our affiliated compounding pharmacy is accredited and meets or exceeds all FDA regulations.   Call us at (985) 400-2881 with any questions or concerns to schedule an appointment to see a MedCare Men's Clinic doctor.   


Other VIP membership benefits include deeply discounted cash-pay lab testing, which is important for patients with high deductible health insurance and insurance plans that barely cover expenses.  A partial list of tests and indications for testing:

complete blood count (CBC) with differential cell analysis --- evaluation for anemia and other blood dyscrasias

complete metabolic panel (CMP) --- evaluation of blood glucose, electrolytes and liver function

hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c) --- evaluation for pre-diabetes / diabetes (especially in patients with fatigue, urinary problems, obesity or weight gain)

lipid / cholesterol profile --- evaluation of heart and vascular disease

prostate specific antigen (PSA) --- screening or early  detection of prostate cancer

serum testosterone (by mass spectrometry assay, the most accurate testing method known) --- evaluation of fatigue, mental fogginess, mood change, hot flashes, infertility, weight gain, obesity, decreased libido, or erectile dysfunction

thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) with free T4 -- evaluation of fatigue, mental fogginess, weight gain, obesity, decreased libido, or erectile dysfunction

urinalysis --- evaluation of urinary symptoms, pre-diabetes / diabetes, weight gain, cancer screening

These introductory tests are included in the Men's Clinic VIP membership initiation fee at no additional charge.  A large national lab company's list price for these important men's health screening tests is greater than $850.  Essentially, our price for these 8 essential men's health tests is .. free!  Of course, any medical test has the potential to uncover something out of sorts for which other tests may be needed.  The good news is that any additional lab testing, if needed, would also be discounted for Men's Clinic subscription members, typically at a rate of greater than 50% of the national lab standard list price.


In addition to discounts on men's health physician office visits, nurse visits and lab testing, members also benefit from referral for deeply discounted rates for x-rays, CT scans and MRI studies to help cover all bases for many of us who are uninsured, or less than adequately insured.  Still other options are available to cover healthcare costs, including the ever-popular Christian Health-share Ministries.  But we'll save this information for another time. 


Click here to request an appointment by email (no personal information needed).  Better yet, call us to get started at (985) 400-2881.  We're ready to help!